6th Grade Atlanta Trip

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The 6th grade Atlanta Trip started out bright and early on Thursday morning, October 27. We headed to Atlanta with excitement in our hearts and sleep in our eyes, entrusting ourselves into the hands of our incredibly capable bus driver, Mr. Jim!

The first stop on our journey – Stone Mountain! It was incredible to see this beautiful mountain before us and the massive confederate memorial carved into it. However, before we could head to the top, another adventure waited below…the Duck boats! We listened to a brief history of the origin of the Duck boats from World War II where we discovered that the boats were built by women who were left behind during war time – Girl Power!
Our bus driver joked that because women built the boats, they have lasted longer – and they’re also louder! Our ride from land into the water was bumpy, hilarious, and loud with all the students quacking on their quackers! Vincent and his Dad enjoyed dancing their way into the water with the fun music that was playing over the speakers! Everyone got to take a turn driving the boat, including our fearless leader, Mrs. Bowman! After the Duck boats, it was time to ride up the mountain on the cable cars. The view from the top was incredible, but the hike down, not so much! No, it was all beautiful.


On Day 2, we headed first to The Georgia Aquarium. It was awe-inspiring to see the massive tanks of water and the beautiful animals inside! My favorite moment of the day was seeing my students look up as a whale shark floated overhead. What an incredible testament to our amazing Creator God and all that He has made! After laughing at penguins and petting Bamboo sharks, it was time to walk to the Coke museum. The most fun was had in the tasting room, where students and adults could taste Coke products from around the world! Two words – The Beverly! The reactions were hilarious! Ariana and Kennedy ran for the North America drinks to get the crazy tastes out of their mouths! Emma stated that Peru’s drinks were awesome, but Brennyn argued that Spain’s Sprite was the absolute best! Where else could you try drinks from around the world in one spot? From there, we walked to the CNN building, where the tour was informative and the security guards were serious! We rode an escalator to the top of the World! Not really, but it felt like it! It was 8 stories high! And there was a giant globe at the top!


We got to watch Tyler and Katelynn try their hand at being a weather forecaster. They even disappeared into the green screen at one point! Seeing just a glimpse into how news is gathered around the world and the teams of people it takes to make that happen was really interesting! I would like to say we have some aspiring newscasters after this, but all that seems to stand out to them at this point is the bustling food court downstairs and what they ordered from Starbucks! What can I say? The seed was planted! And Starbucks is pretty great!

All in all, we had a great trip. God carried us there and back safely, even amidst a harrowing game of Bean-boozled and way too much chocolate fountain at Golden Corral! We are all grateful for the opportunities we had! Thank you to CCA and Mrs. Bowman for our grand adventure!

Mrs. Kim Gibbs, 6th Grade Teacher

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