8th Grade Field Trip

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On Friday, November 4th, Mr. Robert Bevins and his 8th Grade Earth Science Class went on a Field Trip to Linville Falls, NC.  The class was met at Linville Falls Visitor Center by two National Park Service Rangers and given a Guided Hike to the Upper Falls. The Rangers shared historical and geological information with the students during the ½ mile, 45-minute hike.  Ranger Conrad Shirk shared with the students some history about Captain William Linville, who was a relative of Daniel Boone, and his exploits in the area of Linville Falls.  An interesting fact about Captain Linville was that he and one of his sons were attacked and killed by a band of Indians while they were on a long hunt. Since that time, the River and the Falls have had the name Linville to honor the man and his son.


Ranger Shirk also talked about some of the plants and trees, which are important to the area.  The students learned that the Hemlock tree, which is vital to the ecosystem along the river, is being threatened by a tiny pest called the woolly adelgid.  At the Upper Falls, Ranger Jonathan Bennett gave them a lesson on the geologic makeup of the area.  The class has been studying about tectonic plates, and they were able to see an example of a fault near the falls.


After having lunch at a nearby picnic area on the Blue Ridge Parkway, it was off to take a tour of the Linville Caverns.  These caverns are the only show caverns in North Carolina.  The caverns take you under the Humpback Mountains.  The beautiful rock formations and mineral deposits were excellent examples of God’s creative power.  Stories by the guide provided insight into the use and the importance of the caverns in the history of the Linville Falls area.  Down in the depth of the earth, the students were given the experience of total darkness when the guide turned off all the lights in the caverns.  


After a visit to the gift shop to purchase some souvenirs and snacks, we boarded the bus for the return trip to Cramerton.  Mrs. Jo Dillard, 8th Grade Homeroom teacher, and Mr. Greg Bailey, who drove the bus, accompanied Mr. Bevins and the class on the trip.  Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Fosdick, parents of students, also went on the hike and cavern tour.

God gave us a beautiful fall day with perfect weather!

Robert Bevins, Junior High Teacher

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