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“Kylie, Kylie, wait for Grandmama!” as this “mature” grandmother runs around the gym. A “fun run” fund raising event was being held in the gym at Cramerton Christian. How awesome it was to see my “grands” running to raise money for the new playground equipment in the back playground area! Playground equipment is wonderful for the young and the “young-at-heart.” A good time was had by all participating and even those watching, and laughing, at the participants. I passed other grandparents as I ran. Passing the younger parents that were running was much more difficult. I ran as many laps with Kenzie, my other “grand,” during her fun run. She never looked back to see where I was, but that was okay. I did my best to keep up. By the time Kylie’s turn had come, I was exhausted, but I knew that this grandmother had another “run.” I stood beside Kylie as the starting countdown began…On your mark, get set, go……………Kylie left me “eating her dust” so to speak…never looking back, but that was okay. I did my best to keep up. I ran my laps hoping to get as many as I could possibly run, but like before, I fizzled out. I had completed my grandparent support as much as I could…and no, I never did catch up with Kylie. That was okay. My “grands” knew that I was as interested in this fund raiser as they were. That matters to this “mature, young-at-heart” GRANDmother!!!!!!
Mrs. Karen Brown
Grandmother to the best “Grands”
Kylie, Kenzie, Korie, and Nora

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