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Mark Kistler, a very famous and accomplished artist, recently visited our school.  For over three decades he’s traveled the world inspiring youngsters through the medium of art.   When you visit his website,, you can’t help but be impressed by his accomplishments.  Simon and Shuster has published his fifteenth book, he has developed his own art education program, and some of his students have gone on to do some rather remarkable things!  And oh, yes…I almost forgot…he’s received an Emmy for his work.

It’s what’s not on his website that will impress you most about Mr. Kistler.

During his one day visit to Cramerton Christian, it is amazing what was accomplished.  Mark hosted three hands on art sessions (two during the day, one at night), attended a luncheon given in his honor with our art students, was able to attend to some business matters during the afternoon, and attended a reception at the end of the night with parents and students, all of whom were fans.   Around 9:00 p.m., he finally was able to begin packing up his wares and look forward to a late dinner and a restful night’s sleep before heading home to Houston in the morning.   

While packing up his things, he remembered that he had not had the chance to visit the school’s art studio and asked if time could be taken to do so.  Of course his request was obliged.  It’s been a full sixteen hour day by now, but it’s off to the studio.  Upon entering the building, Mark noticed a number of art projects lined up along the wall.  The pieces were actually “works in progress”.    Without hesitation, Mark picked up the first art piece-turned it over…wrote an encouraging comment and signed the piece.   Then came art project number two, and then… number three …and continued until he had commented on every individual piece of art in that class.  WOW.

Mark Kistler is a very talented teacher.  There is no doubt that he can teach you how to draw…but he does more than that.  He inspires!  That is what makes this man so special and attributes to his great success.   He takes the time to inspire.

Isn’t that what all great teachers do?   I think so.

Kyle Brown

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