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Your hard work during the last two FUN RUN events contributed to the work that started on campus this week.

During the last two years, $53,357 have been donated to the Outdoor Fitness Center. We with a Site Survey which was completed free of charge, thanks to Bill Deal and Barry D. Davis Surveying. In the course of the Site Survey, it was discovered that a primary drain from the parking lot under the HS Building to the rear of the property was aging and need of repair. Our sponsoring church, Cramerton FWB Church, is funding that repair as a capital building expense. These contributions have been a big blessing for our Outdoor Fitness Center.

 The first phase, clearing and grading the site, will prepare the area for some new equipment. Workers from T.R. Tucker Construction Company removed the chain link fence, then demolished the privacy fence under the pavilion and the shed behind the High School building clearing the path for some heavy equipment to clear some trees and underbrush. Of course, the frontend loader would not fit under the Pavilion, so the equipment had to make a path behind the High School building into the playground area. Not as easy as it sounds, but it made it! It’s going to be really noisy in that area in the next few weeks as truckloads of dirt start to arrive!

The next phase for CCA involves raising more money for additional equipment for our students to use during recess and P.E. Our fall fundraiser is going to be the most exciting ever and I will be sharing some details about how each of us can get involved.

Follow us to stay up to date … we will be posting pictures during the next few weeks about the progress on this project. Can’t wait to hear what you have been doing this summer!

Mrs. Bowman

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