Spiritual Life at CCA

Philosophy Statement

Cramerton Christian Academy, a ministry of Cramerton Free Will Baptist Church, was called into existence by God to help parents fulfill their Biblical admonition to educate their children both spiritually and academically. CCA operates under the bold conviction that the inspired and infallible Word of the Living God, Who created man and his world, is the ultimate source of truth and authority. The school’s first allegiance is always to the Christ of the Bible. We believe His Word takes precedence over any declaration or regulations of man or the state.

Spiritual Emphasis

Elementary students enjoy three designated chapel services during the first week of school to hear the salvation message and to learn about how much God loves each one of them.

Bible Class & Chapel

Each day, students experience Bible class or Chapel as a foundational part of our day. Bible class provides an opportunity to learn about the character and attributes of God. A Beka flashcards provide the backdrop for elementary students as they learn rich lessons about men and women in the Bible. Positive Action for Christ and Summit Ministries curriculums enable Middle and High School students to dig deeper into the principles and precepts of God’s plan for their lives.

    Weekly chapel times allow students to hear the Gospel and to make life changing decision about their personal relationship with the Lord.

Spiritual Retreat

Fall Retreats are designed to be a purposeful time set aside to allow High School students to build relationships with each other, with teachers, and to refocus their relationship with the Lord.